As we close out another month of celebrating our World’s Best Person, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge May’s Winner: Jillian Inniss. Each month, M2 staff members have the opportunity to nominate co-workers that have exemplified excellence. The winner of World’s Best Person (of the month) gets a coveted trophy for display, bragging rights, and $50! The nominations are consistently great, but this month had some of the best in the history of the award.

Jillian is in charge of our agency snack drawer and she has taken that responsibility to the NEXT LEVEL. We usually don’t publish any of the nominations – but this one was too good not to share.

Tired, hungry, alone.

The dark clutches of sleep tirelessly clinging to you.

And there it is, the light streaming from it’s edges.

The snack drawer containing things you had no idea you even desired.

And you find hope. The hope that another day can be conquered.

There is only one choice.


Now, in true M2 fashion, we will pepper Jillian with annoying questions in an effort to get to know her better.

Q: What is the last pic you took with your phone? Explain.



The picture that I took was of the dog that we are fostering. We went to the pet store to replace a poor fish that didn’t live through a water change/move. However, when we got to the store there was no fish but a sweet doggy face. So, we came home with a dog and no fish.

Q: What are 5 things you have to have on your desk at all times? Desk essentials, if you will.

  1. Pics of my kiddos
  2. Trusty Calculator
  3. Pen/paper clip organizer
  4. Stapler
  5. A Frog or two or three (Not Live, of Course)
She's not kidding about the frogs

She’s not kidding about the frogs

Q: How is working at M2 different from other jobs youve held?

M2 is different because of the:

  • Awesome teamwork
  • Super Dog Friendly and Creative Atmosphere
  • TJ believes in Happy Employees = Snacks, Drinks and Lunch

Q: Out of all the snacks in your snack game repertoire, which is your favorite?

I dont really have a favorite, my cravings are constantly changing and I try to buy what other people like not necessarily what I like.

Q: What is your least favorite word in the English language?

Moist. Isn’t that everyone’s?