Although its exploration doesn’t require an astronaut’s suit, the digital world is as mysterious as deep space to most of us. But this month’s WBP has staked his claim on it, learning its landscape and firmly planting an M2 flag.

As Jr. Digital Analyst, Nick Andersen helps even our most tech-phobic clients navigate the digital realm by creating marketing strategies that get results. And his appetite for new opportunities is practically insatiable, prompting him to take on additional responsibilities whenever possible. Nick’s work ethic and enthusiasm have truly blown us away and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team. Especially on Trivia Night.

Nick left the digital world and reentered our atmosphere long enough to answer a few questions, so take this opportunity to get to know our WBP a little better!

Q: Which age have you enjoyed the most so far?

A: My current age of 30! Being in your 30s is WAY cooler than being in your 20s – at least that’s what I tell myself.

Q: Do you blow dry, towel dry or let your hair dry on its own?

A: Towel dry. But honestly, my hair is so short that it’s kind of unnecessary.

Q: At a movie theater, which arm rest do you claim?

A: Both. And I always put my feet up on the chair in front of me – unless someone’s sitting there, of course. In that case, I’ll get up and find a new seat so I can stretch my legs out. That’s the best part of going to the movies if you ask me.

Q: Do you dance crazily when no one is looking? (Points for honesty, extra points for answering affirmatively.)

A: Of course. Doesn’t everyone? And sorry, there is no video evidence to support my statement.

Q: Are you superstitious?

A: I knock on wood after basically every other sentence. I don’t actually believe it does anything, but it’s a habit I picked up as a kid from my dad. I will gladly walk under a ladder or open an umbrella inside when needed, however.

Despite our disappointment (and if we’re being honest, disbelief) that his dance moves haven’t been properly documented, the M2 team wants to say congratulations to our WBP, Nick! Stay tuned for next month’s WBP post!