This month’s WBP loves words – and if she’s not writing or reading them, you can be sure she’s speaking them. Lots of them. And with puns as her second language, Megan Hodge ensures there’s no shortage of giggles (and groans) in the office.

Our creative copywriter shares her cheesiest jokes with our team, but reserves her most clever work for our clients. And while the word “copy” comprises half her job title, there’s nothing generic about the content she produces. In fact, one might dare to say it’s as unique as she is!  Learn more about our resident word nerd here:

Q: Is the grass really greener on the other side?
A: I guess that depends what kind of fertilizer your neighbor uses. Just kidding. I’d have to say no. I’m blessed beyond measure and try my best to stay focused on that instead of comparing my circumstances to anyone else’s. My time is much better spent tending to the grass I’ve been given.

Q: What makes you nervous?
A:  Trying to choose a RedBox movie when someone’s in line behind me.

Q: How many hats do you own?
A:  An unfortunate (and itchy) Easter hat incident at a young age turned me off headwear for at least a decade. I recently realized, however, that my head isn’t as strangely shaped as I’d assumed, so now I’m working on building my hat collection. I have 3 so far.

Q: Do you own a lava lamp?
A: No. Although that answer might change if you can tell me where to find one. 

Q: What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis?
A: Probably something involving an overheard conversation with my dogs or a red light karaoke session.

Congrats, Megan! Stay tuned to find out who is named next month’s WBP!