Each Easter, 90 million chocolate bunnies virtually hop off retailers’ shelves, destined for Easter baskets around the globe – and a grim demise at the hands of candy-crazed kiddos. Marshmallow Peeps soar out of stores even faster, with consumers devouring over 1.5 billion last year.

Candy companies aren’t the only brands to launch some pretty sweet campaigns each Easter, but the most recognizable ones consistently do a great job at making our mouths water. And our wallets open.

Here are a few of our favorites! We’ve also included some helpful hints about what makes these particular candy commercials stand out.

Tip #1:Crack up your audience.

To announce the annual return of its highly-anticipated peanut butter eggs, Reese’s took a simple, silly approach to illustrate the delightful coupling of chocolate and peanut butter. Lighthearted humor works perfectly here, especially since 53% of consumers claim they’re more likely to enjoy and recall a humorous ad.

Tip #2:Make sure you’re all ears.

The iconic “Clucking Bunny” commercial is one we know and love – and Cadbury knows it. After 35 years of successfully airing a nearly identical ad, they invited pet owners to send in pictures of their furry friends to “audition” for a spot in the commercial! This new twist on an old favorite encourages engagement, while still maintaining the nostalgic aspect. Considering that most consumers buy with their hearts, not their heads, this is a wise move.

Tip #3: Speak directly to some-bunny.

Targeting a wide audience can be beneficial, but there’s also tremendous value in choosing one demographic and catering your creative to them. Hershey’s does this here, making families their main focus. Sure, anyone would think it’s a cute ad, but viewers with young kids can connect more intimately with the scene that unfolds. When marketing feels more like a story than a sell, your audience will be much more receptive – as Hershey’s proves here.

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And from the M2 family to yours, happy Easter! We hope it’s full of all the sweetest things!