superbowl ads

As commentators picked apart every play, many spectators’ post-game analyses revolved around the breaks in the action – a fact that justifies the $5.6 million that brands spent to air a 30-second commercial.

With air time costing brands a pretty penny, you can be sure they tried to cram as much creativity as possible into every second. A few flopped, but all in all, the vast majority of brands kept the entertainment going between plays.

The M2 office has been buzzing, with this morning water cooler chatter revolving around our favorite ads, we coin as “superbowled” ads (bowled – def. “to roll or throw a ball)” . Not to forget, that killer Half Time performance, of course. (Don’t worry, there was some good-natured bragging by Chiefs fans, too.)

Our team shared many of the same favorites, with these superbowled ads topping our list. From heart-warming to hilarious, these 9 commercials made an impact – like only the best marketing can do. Plus, there’s a lesson to be learned from each one, so watch and learn!


We Learned: Laughter Makes A Lasting Impression

  1. Cheetos – “Can’t Touch This”

Cheetos used a recognizable song (and its singer) in a way that was as delightfully cheesy as its new popcorn.

  1. Jeep – “Groundhog Day”

In a tribute to the classic film, Jeep reminded us yet again that car ads don’t have to look like typical car ads.

  1. Hyundai – “Smaht Pahk”

Proving that innovation isn’t limited to their vehicles’ self-parking capabilities, Hyundai produced this unique, hilarious ad.


We Learned: Out-Of-The-Box Stays In Mind

  1. Amazon– “Before Alexa”

Ever wondered how we lived before smart home devices? Amazon made a few suggestions in this must-see ad.

  1. Bud Light – “Inside Post’s Brain”

Bud Light’s marketing never disappoints, and their newest campaign with Post Malone is a genius move to sell seltzer to the beer drinkers of America.

  1. Rocket Mortgage – “Jason Momoa’s Natural Self”

This slightly disturbing ad stripped Mr. Momoa of his muscles, using a unique concept to do the heavy lifting.


We Learned: Pulling Heartstrings Pushes Sales

  1. Google – “Loretta”

The tech giant, yet again, created a beautiful ad that proved that it’s far more than a search engine.

  1. Microsoft – “Be The One”

This ad has “girl power” written all over it, telling the story of the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl. Prepare to be inspired.

  1. Budweiser – Typical American”

True to form, Budweiser put patriotism on center stage, focused less on beer and more on bringing Americans together.

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