By now, employees nationwide have staggered back into the office, still feeling as stuffed as the turkeys they carved weeks ago. And for some, not nearly as jolly as the guy in the red suit … although that “belly like a bowl full of jelly” thing might be more applicable than they’d like to admit.

The new year’s arrival, though, is the opportunity for a fresh start.

To adopt eating habits that don’t involve the words “the usual” at a drive-thru window.
To use a gym membership card as more than a keychain accessory.
To read some bookshelf décor, ahem, literature.
To rethink investments … and stop counting a timeless pair of heels as one of them.

As we dive into the second full week of 2018, Pilates classes are full and most resolution-makers are still going strong. But soon, the weak-willed among us will falter, caving to the savory scent of Taco Tuesday or splurging at a new boutique. In fact, only 58% of resolutions last longer than a month. And 42% of Americans don’t even bother, reporting that they “absolutely never” make a New Year’s Resolution.

But here at Motivated Marketing, we’re excited to put the lessons we learned in 2017 to work for our clients – and to reach even higher heights in the coming months. We’re chugging full steam ahead into the new year, each department eager to propel M2 to the next level.

Our web team is studying up on emerging industry trends to make sure we’re always two steps ahead of the competition, while our digital team is continuing to learn about the ever-evolving platforms available at consumers’ fingertips. Our creative team is focused on the same, acquiring new design techniques, production tricks and content strategies to ensure our work is one of a kind – as well as on time and on budget. Analyzing research and new ad placement opportunities that will position our clients to succeed is the name of the game for our media team. Plus, our management team is implementing practices that will grow our agency – and stretch each member of our team to their full potential.

While we can’t pinpoint one resolution in particular, here at Motivated Marketing, we’re committed to improving each day.

Working efficiently.
Imagining fearlessly.
Executing flawlessly.

Pushing ourselves to constantly be better is never easy, but hey, we like a challenge. And we can’t wait to see where we are this time next year, because we’re confident it’ll be awesome.