Here at Motivated Marketing, we are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the very best medical providers in the Lowcountry.  On a daily basis, we get to see the ways our clients and their partners innovate the practice of medicine. We also keep an eye on what’s new and next in the industry. Last week, at their open house, we were inspired by a completely new facility: The Breastfeeding Center of Charleston.

A concept brought to life by the team at Coastal Pediatric Associates, The Breastfeeding Center of Charleston is a place for babies and parents alike.

While the Breastfeeding Center of Charleston operates as its own standalone practice, the patients at Coastal Pediatric Associates have the added benefit of experiencing their very first baby well-visits in a spa-like environment that caters just as much to the new parent as the new baby. Appointment times average between 60-90 minutes so that parents have all the time they need to ask questions during that crucial, magical, and sometimes scary world of parenting a tiny newborn. For parents in search of a little extra support in the days leading up to the baby’s arrival, they offer free prenatal classes including one especially for dads!

Upon arrival, patients greeted by a friendly staff and welcomed into a supportive environment with all the things new parents and babies need. Warm blankets for the baby?  They have them.  A soft, comfy robe for mom? Yep. They have that too.  Thirsty? Parents can help themselves to a variety of drinks including many flavors of LaCroix.



Important Question: Can I live here?





They even have a retail store that offers a ton of breastfeeding and baby essentials.


The open house was an amazing opportunity to meet the staff and share stories from our own “days in the trenches” of new parenthood. We left the event in awe of what can happen when a team pulls together to realize their vision, and with one lingering question…why didn’t this exist when our babies were little?