Think of a brand’s philosophy as its root system. Buried beneath the soil, the roots are not visible – but without them, the plant would wither and die. Without them, there’d be no brilliantly-hued blooms.

A brand’s philosophy is much the same, providing the resources that a brand needs to grow. Consumers might not be able to quote their favorite brands’ core values, but the principles that guide the company are evident in everything they do.

That’s why establishing your brand’s philosophy, vision, message and voice are so incredibly important. A logo and color scheme are great, but without a firm grasp of what a brand stands for, consumers will catch a whiff of inauthenticity. And it sure doesn’t smell like roses.

Our Green Thumb. Your Brand’s Growth!

Some clients come to us with a fully formed brand, requesting a fresh marketing campaign that sprinkles a little metaphorical Miracle Gro on their brand. Other clients sign on for a total brand refresh – new logo, new messaging, new strategy – more akin to a springtime replanting.

And still others come to us with a few lone seeds in their hand. An idea of the kind of brand they want to grow, but no idea where to start. To be honest, these are some of our favorite projects. Our team gets the opportunity to start from scratch, helping our clients determine who they are and what makes them unique.

Digging Deep

We conduct Branding Workshops to get the information we need, and it’s through these strategically-planned discovery sessions that a brand begins to take shape. The exercises require some real introspection on our clients’ part, but the answers that are teased out help us to truly understand what drives the brand. To then understand the whybehind the what. The tough questions help us delve below the surface, ensuring the end result is a brand that’s true to our client’s vision.

Planting Seeds of Success

After the Branding Workshop wraps up, our team gets to work – and there’s plenty of it. We sift through the information gathered to pull out the seeds that’re destined for soil. Then we present it back to the client, making any tweaks necessary. It’s essential that we portray the brand’s identity accurately and we won’t move forward until we’re completely confident that we have. Next, the Design Department crafts a few options for the brand’s “look and feel,” complete with a logo, color scheme, imagery style, fonts, etc. Meanwhile, our copywriters transform the client’s ideas into words and work with the rest of the Creative Team to guarantee consistency in how the brand looks and sounds.

Watering Well

Now a strong marketing strategy must be put in place to ensure optimum growing conditions. The brand has been defined, but not introduced to the public! M2 can help roll out your brand-new brand, cheering alongside you as the first tender shoots begin to emerge from the soil. Now sit back and get ready to bloom!

To learn more about M2’s branding services, contact us today! We’d love to give you a hand – green thumb and all! Just shoot us an email at or call 843.856.7322!