Lords a-leapin’ taking over the dancefloor. Fowl running about willy-nilly. Eggs and golden rings underfoot.

Those 12 days of Christmas sound like quite a party – or mayhem. And as we scramble to prepare for the holidays, tree sap and strings of lights can make for a scene nearly as messy. We only hope there are no men in tights or milk maids at your Christmas dinner to further complicate things…

While the holiday season can be a busy, chaotic time, it’s also prime time for marketers. Ad agencies across the country are churning out holiday advertisements faster than elves in a toy shop. Not to mention the retailers who open their doors with hopes that shoppers will soon be there.

Holiday marketing isn’t a new concept – far from it, in fact. Macy’s styled their first holiday window display in 1874, starting a tradition that, today, attracts an average of 8,000 to 10,000 intrigued viewers AN HOUR. Budweiser introduced their iconic Christmas Clydesdale horses in 1933. And speaking of festive fauna, Coca Cola’s polar bears slid onto the scene in 1993.

To get in the spirit ourselves, we took a cue from the 12 Days of Christmas carol and made an M2 version of our own to let you know what we’ve been up to this holiday season. We’ll skip to the last verse – and spare your ears. Feel free to hum along, though.

Through the month of December, M2 has been busy …

  • 12 Brainstorm sessions       
  • 11 Client pitches                      
  • 10 Million edits
  • 9 Animatics
  • 8 Conference calls            
  • 7 Working lunches           
  • 6 Commercial shoots
  • 5 New clients
  • 4 Beer Fridays
  • 3 New hires
  • 2 Staff meetings
  • 1 Epic Christmas party

That being said … ah, sung … we know that our hard work has paid off. What are a few million edits when the final product is something we’re truly proud of – and something our clients can’t stop raving about? That’s gift enough.

If you’d like to get started, we’d be happy to mock up a few things for you. Just change that number of brainstorm sessions to 13.