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The digital landscape is constantly changing, with emerging trends keeping the future in flux. Most brands look to marketing specialists to keep current – and to keep ahead of their competition. Here at Motivated Marketing, our clients do just that! And we couldn’t be prouder to help them grow their businesses with effective (and innovative!) digital marketing. Through careful analysis, M2’s marketing experts have identified the top eight marketing strategies for 2023, so read on to learn more!

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a clearly defined plan for making your online presence known. It optimizes web-based mediums to reach an audience through social media, paid ads, organic search, and more.

8 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

With an experienced eye and a gut sense for success, our digital marketing specialists have compiled a list of strategies to employ in 2023. We’ve adjusted our approach to include strategies like these:

  1. Use Artificial Intelligence to Your Advantage.

Despite the pivotal role it plays in marketing, AI has flown under the radar in the past. More brands have incorporated AI in their digital marketing strategies in recent years, using algorithms to accurately connect the right audience with the right messaging.

  1. Explore the Metaverse.

While mentions of the metaverse garner blank stares from some brands, others now offer virtual experiences to customers. It may seem that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) serve little purpose to most businesses, but in 2021, a whopping 35% of marketers worked VR and AR into their digital strategies. Admittedly, this trend has taken longer to gain traction – but that’s not to say it’s not worth considering!

  1. Get Reel on Social Media with Short Videos.

With social platforms like TikTok and Instagram continuing to grow in popularity, short and sweet video content is more relevant than ever. Whether you’re posting fun reels or more scripted videos, be sure that content comes across in just a few seconds!

  1. Make Sure Messaging Is Clear and Concise.

Simplicity often reigns supreme in marketing, especially in the digital space. With countless distractions competing for viewers’ attention, it’s unlikely that they’ll spend the time needed to read or watch long-form content. So, keep messaging clear and concise, and ensure it’s eye-catching enough to make users slow their scroll!

  1. Recognize Influencers’ Impact.

There’s no denying that influencers are aptly named, holding sway over many consumers – particularly the young’uns. As the digital marketing landscape becomes increasingly crowded, influencers help cut through the clutter and shine the light on certain brands. While not an effective approach for every industry, influencers and outspoken brand advocates can be a tremendous asset.

  1. Stake Your Claim on LinkedIn.

While not new to the scene, LinkedIn has enjoyed record growth in recent years. Building your profile and optimizing content are key and have proven to be an effective means of B2B advertising for many brands.

  1. Continually Strive to Improve User Experience.

Consumers today expect – more accurately, demand – instant gratification. They don’t tolerate long load times or lengthy content, expressing distaste for online experiences that are anything short of ideal. That’s why it is crucial that your website is strategically designed and properly functioning – on both mobile and desktop. Users also expect prompt responses online, with nearly 25% of millennials reportedly contacting brands on social media in the past three months.

  1. Don’t Neglect Traditional Marketing.

Traditional marketing, like TV, radio, and print, remain relevant – even in today’s web-centric world. The best brands link the traditional with the digital, launching campaigns that cross the great divide. For instance, your business might film a series of spots that air on television while concurrently appearing as YouTube pre-roll. Or an ad campaign theme might be splashed across a billboard as well as a digital screen.


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